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Use Baumit Life in your colour or CAD program and import our colour palette. Please un-zip files after downloading:

- Adobe Color Swatch (ZIP, ACO) - Adobe      ColorSwatch (Adobe Photoshop)

- Adobe Swatch Exchange (ZIP, ASE) - Adobe Swatch      Exchange (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)

- AutoCAD Color Book (ZIP, ACB) - AutoCAD Color Book (AutoCAD) **UPDATE**     

- Corel Palette (ZIP, CPL) - Corel Palette      (Corel Draw)

- Corel Palette (ZIP, PAL) - Corel Palette      (Corel Draw)

- Corel Palette (ZIP, XML) - Corel Palette      (Corel Draw)

- Gimp Palette (ZIP, GPL) - Gimp Palette (Gimp)

- Google Sketchup Palette (ZIP, SKM) - Sketchup Palette (Google Sketchup)

- Nemetschek Allplan Palette (ZIP, PAL) -  Nemetschek Allplan

- Bitmap (ZIP, BMP) - bmp - Zip Archive

- Jpeg (ZIP, JPG) - jpeg - Zip Archive

- Colour values in detail (.xls) - CIE Lab, CIE      XYZ, RGB und CMYK

- ArchiCAD (.aat)